Bucket Elevator

Applied materials:
Limestone, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, barite, talc, gypsum, diabase, quartzite, bentonite, etc.

Crushing of calcium carbonate, processing of gypsum powder, desulfurization of power plants, milling of non-metallic minerals and preparation of pulverized coal

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Bucket elevator is divided into belt bucket hoist, chain bucket hoist, plate chain bucket hoist and wire rope core belt bucket hoist according to the material characteristics and the use environment. Bucket hoist is suitable for vertical conveying of powder, granular and small pieces of materials. It has the characteristics of simple structure, stable operation, high lifting height and long service life. It is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, coal, power, port and other industries. The bucket elevator has large conveying capacity and high prompting height. It is suitable for elevating from low to high. After feeding materials into the hopper through the shaking table, the machine automatically runs continuously upward, and the conveying speed can be adjusted according to the conveying capacity, and the elevating height can be selected as needed.

Working Principle

When working, the bucket elevator hopper scoops up the required materials from the storage room below, lifts the conveyor belt or chain to the top, turns down after bypassing the top wheel, and pours the materials into the receiving tank. The belt of the belt-driven bucket elevator is usually rubber belt, which is mounted on the lower or upper driving drum and the lower reversing drum. The chain-driven bucket elevator is generally equipped with two parallel transmission chains, with a pair of transmission sprockets on or below, and a pair of directional sprockets on or above. Bucket elevator is generally equipped with an organic shell to prevent dust from flying in the bucket elevator and reduce environmental pollution.

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