Jigger Machine

Applied materials:
It is used for mineral processing of tungsten, tin, gold, iron, manganese, titanium, chromium, sulphur and other minerals.

It is used for metal recovery and tailings disposal in mine dressing tailings. Recovery of alloy particles from smelting slag such as manganese slag, chromium slag and stainless steel slag.

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Sawtooth wave jigger belongs to single row double chamber downward moving jig. It uses water as mineral processing medium and carries out separation according to the specific gravity (density) difference between useful minerals and gangue. The sawtooth wave jig has the characteristics of uniform upward flow and rapid downward flow because of its sawtooth waveform of pulsation curve. The waveform of flow fluctuation produced in normal operation is sawtooth waveform, which enhances the suction effect of the sawtooth wave jig in mineral processing, and is very beneficial to the recovery of fine minerals and saves water. And the characteristics of continuous work. Sawtooth wave jig covers a small area and is easy to operate. It is an efficient, energy-saving and environmental-friendly mineral processing equipment developed and produced in recent years. It has a very good effect on the mineral processing of many kinds of metal and non-metallic minerals. It is especially suitable for the mineral processing of fine-grained minerals, the recovery and treatment of metal smelting slag and mine tailings. The processing area has played a very important role.

Working Principle

After crushing, the raw ore reaches the feeding force range of the jig, and then evenly feeds into the feeding trough of the jig through the feeding device. When the sawtooth wave jig works normally, the moving vertebral body moves up and down under the drive of the sawtooth wave generator. The distance between the upper and lower vertebrae can be adjusted by adjusting the stroke adjusting bolt of the sawtooth wave generator. Adjust the speed of the motor to adjust the jigging time. The regular up and down movement of the vertebral body drives the tympanic membrane up and down, which produces regular up and down fluctuations in the water flow in the jig. The pulsation curve generated by the rocker arm is called zigzag. Therefore, it becomes a serrated wave type periodic curve. This type of jigger produces water flow similar to sawtooth ripple flow. The sawtooth wave pulsation curve forms a vertical alternating flow force in the jig, and the minerals entering the jig sorting trough can be re-stratified under the action of the vertical alternating medium flow. High density mineral particles in the flow of sedimentation speed, in the lower space of the material layer, and low density mineral particles in the flow of sedimentation speed, in the upper space of the material layer, because of the difference in density, low density material is difficult to penetrate the density of the material layer into the lower space, so will The materials entering the jig are roughly divided into two layers. Heavy minerals enter the concentrate trough through the screen, and light minerals enter the tailings trough to discharge. The material is continuously fed into the jig, and then separately discharged, forming a continuous jigging process.

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Technical Data

ModelStroke coefficientStroke(mm)Times of stroke(time/min)Feeding size(mm)Capacity(T/h)Water consumption(T/h)Power(KW)

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