VSI Sand Making Machine

VSI Sand making machine is the latest product of authoritative experts from both home and abroad,connecting with quarry,mining present working conditions.

It is used for producing building aggregate, concrete, aggregate for road surface and roadbed, asphalt concrete and cement concrete.

Capacity: 50–500 t/h

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Max. Feeding Size (mm): Soft material 35-50, Hard material 30-45, VSI7611, VSI8518, VSI9526 VSI1140, VSI1145, VSI1150.


  • Quality assurance, high efficiency and low consumption.
  • One machine is multipurpose, and the grain type is excellent.

  • Unique design, easy to maintain.
  • The self circulation system is beneficial to environmental protection.

VSI Sand Making Machine

VSI sand making machine is a model of perfect combination of fine crushing and mechanical manufacturing. Its unique rotor structure design, wear-resistant material technology, crushing speed optimization and hydraulic design can provide high quality sand and gravel for expressway, high speed railway, high rise building, municipal construction, hydropower dam construction, and coagulant soil mixing station. It is the first choice in the field of artificial sand making and stone dressing.

It is used for sand making and shaping in the field of engineering such as water conservancy, hydroelectric power, high-class highway, high-speed railway, passenger special line, bridge, airport pavement, municipal works and high-rise buildings.
It is used widely in many industries such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical engineer, mining, refractory materials, cement etc.
It is used for producing glass raw materials quartz sand and other high purity materials.
pebble, limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc

Work principle of vsi sand making machine

Entire Center Feeding: Materials fall into the hopper of VSI sand making machine, then get into the high speed rotating wheelie through center feeding hole. Materials are speed up rapidly in the wheelie, the speed can be dozens of times of gravity acceleration, then shoot out at high speed and hit against the materials falling free after being rebounded, then they are all impacted to the liner layer of materials to strike against each other, or to the counterattack board to be bounded oblique upward to the top of the eddy current cavity, then change their heading , deflect and move downward, then strike against the materials shot out from the impeller passage , which forms continuous material flow. So the materials are hit, rubbed and grinded for two or more times in the eddy current crushing cavity. The crushed materials are discharged from the lower outlet.


1.Large handing capacity and high output.
2.Low wearing parts cost.
3.Perfect product shape.
4.Hydraulic devices are maintained easily.
5.Thinning oil lubricant and automatic.
6.Multi-functions and Flexible application.


1.The oil of VSI Sand making machine supplied by two oil pumps, stops automatically if there is no oil; cooled by water, heating the motor firstly if start the machine in winter.
2.Hydraulic lifting when changing or checking the spare parts which makes it easy and convenient in maintenance.
3.Vibrating alarm device; if the crusher works abnormally, alarm will sound to make the machine stop working so as to protect the crusher.
4.Special feeding structure; rock on rock, and rock on iron in the crusher making the stone to be crushed and reshaped.
5.Unique dustproof seal system, protects the lubrications parts from the dust outside.
6.Perfect design on material bumping angle reduces the friction between raw material and quick-wear parts, prolongs the service time of quick-wear parts and cuts the cost.

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Technical Data of VSI Sand Making Machine

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