Flotation Machine

Applied materials:
Gold ore, iron ore, copper ore, molybdenum ore, aluminum ore, lead ore, talc, coal fluorspar, bauxite, potash feldspar, quartz stone, etc.

Colored black metal, coal fluorite, talc and so on.

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According to the different working principles, the flotation machine can be divided into three types: stirred flotation machine (mechanical stirring flotation machine, aerated stirring flotation machine), inflatable flotation machine and gas separating flotation machine. In the specific use, the stirred flotation machine is more conducive to the scraping of the foam and the flotation efficiency is higher. Therefore, more selective flotation machine is selected for production. The flotation machine is mainly used for the flotation of non-ferrous metals such as zinc, nickel, lead, gold, copper, etc. it can also be used for the separation and separation of ferrous metals and non-metallic mineral raw materials. At the same time, it can recover the available minerals in minerals and has a wide range of uses.

Structure of Flotation Machine

The flotation machine is mainly composed of slurry tank, agitation device, air charging device, discharge mineralized bubble device, motor, etc. our company produces a wide variety of flotation machines, such as mechanical flotation machine, air charging agitation flotation machine, etc.; the models are complete, such as XJK, JJF, SF, BF, kfy, XCF, etc. At present, mechanical agitation flotation machine is commonly used.

Working Principle

The grinded ore, after grinding or after grinding, is added with water and the necessary chemicals are mixed into slurry through the mixing tank, and then injected into the slurry tank where the mixing starts, and air is introduced into the slurry to form a large number of bubbles. Some mineral particles, which are not easy to be wet by water, are generally called hydrophobic mineral particles attached to the bubbles, and float to the slurry surface together with the bubbles to form a mineralized bubble layer. Others It is easy to be wetted by water, that is, generally called hydrophilic mineral particles do not adhere to the bubble, but stay in the pulp, and discharge the mineralized bubble containing specific minerals, so as to achieve the purpose of beneficiation.

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