Shaking Table

Applied materials:
Gold ore, iron ore, copper ore, lead ore, molybdenum ore, zinc ore, aluminum ore, pyrrhotite, hematite, limonite, coal, etc.

Production industries such as cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metal beneficiation, and glass ceramics.

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The shaking table of gravity beneficiation equipment used for the separation of fine materials is mainly used for different beneficiation operations such as roughing, cleaning and scavenging of 2-0.02mm ore sand and slime grade non-ferrous metals such as iron, manganese, gold, tungsten, lead, tin, chromium, titanium, bismuth, tantalum, ferrous metals and rare and precious metal minerals; in addition, pyrite of 4-0.02mm is also selected; the type of bed bar is changed appropriately After the separation of fine coal and slime, as well as separation of other mixed materials with sufficient specific gravity difference and particle size composition, separation of coarse sand, fine sand, slime and other materials with different particle sizes.

Fodamon has experienced the development history of the shaker, from the initial straight bed surface shaker to the single curved bed surface shaker, and then to the double curved bed surface shaker, Fodamon has been striving for innovation and research. For example, the treatment capacity, recovery rate and concentration ratio of the new type of shaker produced by Fodamon are quite high.

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Shaking Table Technical Parameter

NameGrit concentrator tableFine sand concentrator tableSludge concentrator table
Bed surface DimensionsLength(mm)445044504450
Driving part Width(mm)185518551855
Concentrate part Width(mm)154615461546
Max.feeding size(mm)20.50.15
Feeding amount(t/d)30-6010-2015-25
Feeding thickness(%)25-3020-2515-25
Bed surface water quantity(t/d)80-15030-6010-17
Bed surface horizontal obliquity(°)2.5-4.51.5-3.51-2
Bed surface portrait obliquity(%)1.40.92—-
Table board corner(°)32-424042
Concentrating area(㎡)
Bed surface length ratio2.62.62.6
Shape of side-bed surfaceRectangleZigzagTriangle
Motor power(kw)
Transmission deviceEccentricity

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