Causes of broken main shaft of jaw crusher

The main shaft break is a very serious failure for the jaw crusher , because once the main shaft breaks, the repair requires a long time and a high cost, which brings great economic losses to the enterprise. Fodamon engineers analyzed the following reasons and solutions for the fracture of the main shaft of the jaw crusher.

The cause of the main shaft fracture of jaw crusher:

  1. The performance of the equipment itself: the production performance is good, then the equipment will be more durable. When the main shaft is made, if the heat treatment is not done, the fatigue resistance of the main shaft is reduced. Once it encounters materials that are relatively hard or cannot be broken There will be resistance, which will increase the burden on the spindle and make the spindle prone to cracks. In the long run, the spindle will break.
  2. Improper speed control: improper speed control of jaw crusher will speed up the wear state of the body. For example, when the load changes, the speed of the corresponding diesel engine will also know relatively large fluctuations. If the speed regulation rate is too large at the same time, the idle speed is also relatively high, it will affect the stability of the jaw crusher engine, and speed up the wear of the body. If the speed regulation rate is too high at the same time Small, also can form the instability of engine operation.
  3. Improper operation: If the operation is improperly used in the operation rules, such as feeding, suddenly increasing the feeding or changing the materials of the other attributes will cause the machine to be temporarily unable to control, resulting in a sudden and slow phenomenon, So that the jaw crusher becomes unstable under high-speed operation, speeding up the wear of the main shaft.
  4. Incorrect structure and layout: the main reason is that the structural design of the main shaft is unreasonable, which is easy to produce stress concentration. It is shown in detail that the interference between the mating surface of the main shaft and the moving cone is too large, the filter fillet is too small and there is no unloading groove. In this way, it is easy to form the long-term overload operation of the equipment, and the main shaft will run fatigue and wear faster. For those main shafts with smaller width, it is easier to develop Fracture phenomenon.

In this article, we share the reason why the main shaft of jaw crusher breaks. In the next article, we will continue to share how to prevent the main shaft of jaw crusher from breaking.

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