Crushing Conglomerate: Essential Gravel Processing Equipment for High-Strength Crushing

Conglomerate is a rock made up of rounded gravel. The debris components in conglomerate are mainly cuttings, with only a small amount of mineral debris, and the interstitials are sand, silt, clay and chemical deposits. Additionally, the interstitial materials of conglomerate often contain precious minerals such as gold, platinum, diamond, etc. Conglomerate can also be used as building material. Gravel can be used to pave roads, and fine gravel is an important material for making concrete.

Conglomerate crusher and sand making complete processing equipment

Because conglomerate belongs to hard rock, it needs to adopt crushing equipment with strong crushing ability and strength. For this kind of mineral, the jaw crusher and the hammer crusher are generally available. If the two types of equipment are subdivided, the jaw crusher has been developed to the present, and new products have been produced, mainly for the PE series, PEX series deep cavity jaw crusher, and HD German version jaw crusher. The latter is higher in configuration than the former, and the technical content is also higher, but the price will be more expensive than the deep cavity. However, both of them have the same overall effect on the crushing strength of the conglomerate. The hammer crusher also has a new heavy hammer crusher, which can break the force more strongly. The above is an optional conglomerate crusher.

Conglomerate sand making machine

The conglomerate sand making machine is actually the further processing and building on the “appearance level” of the crushed conglomerate. The equipment has two options in Fodamon, one is the high-efficiency vertical shaft type equipment, and the other is the PCL sand making machine. These two types of equipment have their own advantages, but according to market recognition and development status, the efficient vertical shaft device is more popular. The equipment configuration is relatively higher, and the plastic effect of the conglomerate is more satisfactory to users. These two kinds of sand making equipment model parameters are not the same, and the price is naturally different. When users choose it, they should according to their production demand for equipment purchase.

The above mentioned only introduces the two main forces in the complete set of processing equipment for conglomerate crushing and sand making. Of course, production can only be carried out with the assistance of conveyors and other equipment.

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