How to determine best equipment as per mineral processing test

Beneficiation test is the most basic and basic link in the construction of a concentrator. Beneficiation test is the most important basis for evaluating the commercial exploitation value of mineral resources. It is necessary to carry out beneficiation test research to minimize the investment risk to the greatest extent before determining the investment of a mine.
Through the mineral processing test, it provides reliable basis for the design of mineral processing plants. The properties of different kinds of ores vary greatly in different regions, and the ore dressing methods, technological processes and technological conditions are also different. Only through the mineral processing test can we determine the best technological process.
According to the numerical quality process recommended by the beneficiation test, the concentrator is designed and the most reasonable beneficiation equipment is selected so as to ensure that the construction investment of the concentrator is small, the speed is quick, the production is early and the standard is reached, and finally the goal of high target, low cost and good economic benefit is achieved.
The gravity separation process is selected according to the specific gravity difference of minerals, the magnetic separation process is selected according to the magnetic difference of minerals, the flotation process is selected according to the floatability of minerals, and the electric separation process is selected according to the different conductivity of minerals.

Ore processing equipment

Jigger machine
Jig can be used in metal concentrator to separate tungsten, tin, iron, manganese, gold, tantalum, niobium, zirconium, titanium and other minerals. Its main advantage is to obtain coarse-grained concentrate as early as possible, so as to reduce mineral overcomminution, and the unit area production capacity of the equipment is large, so it is widely used in tungsten and tin concentrators. The jig can be used not only in the roughing operation, but also in the cleaning operation, and its treatment granularity is – 20 ~ 0.2 mm. The degree of separation of beneficial minerals in the ores is determined.

Shaking table

Shaking table is one of the main equipments in gravity concentrator. Its characteristic is that the ratio of rich ore is higher than 100 times. It is often used to obtain the final concentrate and to separate the final tailings. The shaking table is more effective than the jig to handle the finer material, and its suitable granularity is less than 3 mm. The drawback is that the area is large and the production capacity is low. Therefore, it is better to use the shaker to treat the coarse concentrate after jigging separation, and the equipment used most in the tungsten-tin concentrator.

Centrifugal concentrator

Centrifugal concentrator is an effective equipment for separating slime. The concentrators of Yunnan Tin Industry Company all adopt centrifugal concentrator for roughing operation (desliming). The separating effect is very good.

Belt chute

Belt chute is the most effective equipment for separating slime. It is especially effective for separating ultrafine tin ores with a recovery rate of over 90%. The biggest drawback is low productivity.

Spiral concentrator

The screw concentrator is suitable for treating alluvial placer, especially for the use of useful minerals with high separation and flat particles. The granularity is generally 2 to 0.05 millimeters, and the most effective particle size is 1 to 0.1 millimeter.

Dense medium separator

Heavy medium concentrator is suitable for selecting other wide granularity, generally 150 to 0.3 millimeters. Heavy additives used in heavy medium separation include magnetite, hematite, pyrite, galena and corundum.

Magnetic separator

Magnetic separator equipment is divided into weak magnetic field magnetic separator and strong magnetic field magnetic separator, and there are two kinds of permanent magnetic magnetic pole and electromagnetic pole. CYT permanent magnet cylinder magnetic separator CYT permanent magnet cylinder magnetic separator, the average magnetic field strength is 1500 ~ 1700 Oster. Most magnetite concentrators use CYT series magnetic separators.

Magnetic dewatering tank

Magnetic dewatering tank is often used in the stage grinding stage separation process as the first stage grinding separation equipment, characterized by a large number of fine tailings can be separated, and play a role in concentration and dewatering. Twin-cylinder dry magnetic separator 2CYT permanent magnet double-cylinder dry magnetic separator is suitable for separating – 200 mesh of 20% ~ 50% strong magnetic minerals.
The magnetic equipment, the DeGenerator and the deformer are auxiliary devices in the magnetic separation process. Pre-magnetizer is used for magnetic agglomeration of fine minerals to facilitate fine mud separation and demagnetizer to destroy the magnetic agglomeration of magnetic minerals and avoid affecting the effective separation of later operations.

Floatation equipment

There are two types of flotation machine: mechanical agitated self-aerated flotation machine and aerated flotation machine. Mechanical agitated self-aerated flotation machine and aerated flotation machine are widely used in production. The inflatable flotation column is gradually expanding because of its simple structure.
The types of flotation machines are: XJK (A type) flotation machine, SF type flotation machine, BS-K flotation machine, CHF-X series of aerated agitated flotation machine, KYF, XCF series of aerated flotation machine.

Electrical equipment

The electric separator is mostly used in the concentrator for separating tungsten-tin concentrate and ilmenite, wolframite and zircon concentrate. The common electric separator has the specifications of 120 1500mm and two barrels with corona electrostatic composite electric field. The separation performance is better.

Through the test, the ore processing process is determined by the ore properties, and the equipment is selected according to the recommended numerical quality process and the scale of the plant.

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