50TPH Nickel Ore Drying Line

Nickel element, nickel belongs to the ferrophilic alloy in the earth’s crust. In the earth’s crust, iron-magnesium alloys rank fifth. The main harmful impurities in nickel ore are copper (in nickel silicate ore), lead, zinc, arsenic, fluorine, manganese, antimony, bismuth, chromium and so on.

Rotary drum dryer
Rotary drum dryer

50TPH Nickel ore drying line usually contains the following equipment:

  1. Nickel Ore size range is 35mm, drying the ore from 50% of moisture to target range of 15-23% by wet basis.
  2. Feeding system: Feeding system includes bin feeder equipped with screen, load cell, apron feeder, magnetic separator and belt conveyor.
  3. Rotary dryer: Rotary dryer will be fed from run-of-mine ore through belt conveyor with continuous operation. The dryer shall be suitable for continuous operation at all feed rates between the minimum and maximum feed conditions, inclusive of design moisture content.
  4. Discharge system: Belt conveyor shall be installed to transferdried ore from rotary dryer discharge to crushing unit.
  5. Crushing unit: The crusher shall be installed at the discharge of rotary dryer unit that connected with belt conveyor. The crushing unit includes: Jaw crusher unit with 35% of rotary dryer feed capacity.
  6. Dust collecting unit: The dust collector shall be installed at the discharge point of rotary dryer.

Equipment list of 50TPH Nickel ore drying line

Equipment ListQty
Coal powder machine1
Rotary dryer 3×181
Cyclone dust collector1
Belt conveyor3
Jaw Crusher 35kw1
Control cabinet1
50TPH Nickel ore drying line equipment 50TPH Nickel ore drying line equipment

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What is a rotary drum dryer?

The main equipment used in this 50TPH Nickel ore production line is a rotary dryer. The rotary dryer is also called a rotary drum dryer. It is a dryer that handles a large amount of materials. Because of its reliable operation, large operation flexibility, strong adaptability, and large processing capacity, it is widely used in industries such as cement, mining, building materials, chemicals, mineral processing, and compound fertilizer production.

Rotary dryer in the factory

Rotary drum dryers are generally suitable for granular materials, such as coal slime, sand, and paste-like, mass-like materials with too high humidity, and can be dried by partially mixing the materials.

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