What Are the Applications of 1mm Fine Screen in Concentrators?

A fine screen refers to a screen with a screen opening of less than 1 mm. In the concentrator, the fine screen can be used as equipment for screening, classification, and dehydration. For example, in the magnetic separation plant, the fine screen is used to replace the submerged spiral classifier and hydrocyclone, which can improve the classification efficiency and grinding machine processing capacity.

In the flotation plant, a fine screen is used to remove the coarse particles in the flotation feed or recover the coarse particles in the flotation tailings, which can improve the concentrate grade and metal recovery rate.

In the beneficiation process for processing Anshan-type magnetite ore, the fine sieve is used as a screening equipment and also has a separation function. In non-metallic mineral processing plants such as mica and graphite, the fine screen is often used as a fine-grain classification equipment.

Application of Fine Screen in Ore Beneficiation Processing Line

At present, the fine screens used in ore processing equipment lines include fixed fine screens, high-frequency vibrating fine screens, linear vibrating fine screens, shaking fine screens, rotating fine screens, cyclone fine screens, etc. Among them, high-frequency vibrating fine screens are used in metal ore concentrators. It is the most widely used, and its vibration methods mainly include electromagnetic vibration and excitation motor vibration. The screen surface mainly has two kinds of metal woven mesh and nylon screen. The effective screening area of metal woven mesh is large, but it is easy to wear, and the maintenance cost is high. Nylon screen grate has a small effective screening area but is wear-resistant and has low maintenance costs. Shaking fine sieve and revolving fine sieve are mainly used for the screening and classification of non-metals and coal.

Vibrating screen

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