What Are the Working Principle, Advantages and Disadvantages of the Double Roll Crusher?

The two rollers of the double roll crusher are driven by two motors respectively and rotate in opposite directions. The ore is fed from the upper part, and the crushing is carried out in the gap formed between the two rollers. Because metal mines often use smooth roller surfaces, the crushing effect is mainly by crushing, with some grinding effect (when it is a tooth surface, it is mainly by chopping). The crushed materials are discharged by gravity. The characteristic of this type of crusher is that when the material passes between the two rollers, it is only pressed once, so there is less over-crushing.

Double roll crusher

The main advantages of the double roll crusher are:

  1. Simple structure, compactness, and lightness.
  2. Reliable work, low price, and convenient maintenance.
  3. Crushed products have uniform particle size, small over-crushing, and fine product size (can be crushed to less than 3.0mm).
  4. Suitable for small-scale concentrators (such as tungsten ore) that handle brittle materials and clay-containing viscous materials for medium and fine crushing.

The main disadvantage of the double roll crusher is its low processing capacity.

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