Gravel Stone Washing Machine Rotary Trommel Scrubber Video

Adopting foreign technology, ore washing machines have a single-layer or double-layer circular sieve to classify two to three different grades of sand and stone, which should be clearly de-slimed. It is mainly used for washing ores before beneficiation operations and improving the ore grade for the next processing step. It can be used for various ores such as manganese, iron, limestone, tungsten, silica, and more.

The washing barrel is supported by four tug supports and rotated by a motor at a low speed. The aggregate with mud pie and stone powder from the feed opening enters the rotating drum and is continuously brought along and thrown away by a rubber wearing plate installed at a certain angle in the washing barrel. It circulates many times during the moving process from the feed side to the discharge end and is washed by straightforward or sense-reversing rinse water. Finally, the clean aggregates are discharged after being sieved and dehydrated by a shaft screen at the discharged end, and the wastewater with sludge is discharged from the baffle with a hole at the discharge end or feed end.

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