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Stone mini hammer crusher is a type of hammer crusher that is designed for small-scale crushing applications. It is usually used for crushing various brittle materials such as coal, limestone, gypsum, etc., with compressive strength less than 100MPa and moisture content less than 15%.

One of the advantages of stone mini hammer crusher is its compact size and easy portability, which makes it ideal for small-scale crushing projects, such as home or small commercial use. It has a simple structure and is easy to operate, maintain, and repair. Additionally, stone mini hammer crusher is energy-efficient and produces a low amount of noise during operation.

Hammer crusher is suitable for crushing medium-hardness materials such as limestone, slag, coke, coal, and so on in cement, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, and other industrial departments. It has the advantages of a simple structure, a large crushing ratio, and high production efficiency, which can break both dry and wet forms. Hammer Crusher can adjust the grate strip gap according to the user’s requirement and change the size of the material. This can meet the different needs of different users.

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