Highly Effective Galena Quarrying and Crushing Equipment

Galena presents a lead-grey metallic luster. The cube is completely cleaved, the hardness is 2-3, and the relative density is 7.4-7.6. It is soluble in HNO3 and produces a white precipitate of PbSO4. Galena is a material with high use value, and the demand for it is very large. It is widely used in chemical, industrial, engineering, construction, and other fields.

Equipment Suitable for Galena Crushing: The main crushing equipment suitable for galena are jaw crushers, hammer crushers, and cone crushers. We will introduce the systems for these three types of equipment.

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crushers are extremely common crushing equipment and are also one of the types of equipment used by users. The big advantage of this equipment is that the production efficiency is very high. High-efficiency equipment can create greater economic benefits. At the same time, this is also a direct and effective way to improve equipment production capacity and output. Fodamon Machinery has made all-round improvements to this, especially in terms of details. These improvements can better reflect the quality of the equipment. Therefore, if you need a crusher with a very high output, the equipment will definitely meet your actual needs.

Heavy Hammer Crusher

The crushing particle size of the heavy hammer crusher is very uniform and fine. Especially for some galena with high impurity content, it also has a certain impurity filtering function. These functions and advantages mainly come from the core component of the equipment, which is the filter. The components can effectively filter out the impurities in the material, which is of great help in reducing the impurity content and improving the overall purity of the material. After the equipment is crushed, the final discharge condition is the high discharge standard required by the customer. If the impurity content of galena in your area exceeds the standard, choosing this equipment for crushing operation will definitely meet your high expectations.

Cone Crusher

Compared with the traditional crusher, the major feature of the cone crusher is the large crushing ratio, which is also a concrete manifestation of its great advantages. The crushing ratio is an accurate physical parameter used to measure whether the crushing particle size is uniform. Generally speaking, the larger the value of this parameter, the better because only when the crushing ratio is large enough can the overall discharge granularity of the equipment reach the high standards of customers.

Fodamon is a formal large-scale heavy industry equipment manufacturer in Henan. The company has unique research on the processing and manufacturing of crushing equipment. Therefore, we have more experience, advanced technology, and superb techniques. Therefore, our equipment has a high degree of recognition and influence in the industry. We have greater strength and ability to create high-end, reasonable, and high-quality equipment for you to help you have greater harvest and development space in the mining field.

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