Sphalerite crushing and beneficiation process

Sphalerite’s rosin luster to semi-metal luster, cleavage parallel {110} complete, hardness 3.5~4, often symbiosis with galena. Click to know how to process galena. Related link: Galena quarrying and crushing equipment

Sphalerite is rich in elements. In order to improve the comprehensive recovery and utilization rate of sphalerite, it is usually necessary to process the sphalerite beneficiation. So what are the sphalerite beneficiation equipment? How to design sphalerite crushing and beneficiation process?

Jaw crusher

Metal color jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a crucial crushing equipment in the beneficiation process of sphalerite. It can crush sphalerite into particles of reasonable size, thus laying the foundation for the further processing of sphalerite. The big advantage of our company’s jaw crusher is that it is very flexible and can crush any type of sphalerite. The processing capacity of sphalerite is very large. It is a better choice for sphalerite crushing equipment.

Ball mIll

Fodamon brand ball mill

Ball mill is a kind of sphalerite grinding equipment with a wide range of applications in the market. It has advantages that the same type of equipment on the market cannot surpass in terms of structure, quality and efficiency.

Flotation machine

The flotation machine is the core equipment in the zinc blende beneficiation process, and it plays an irreplaceable role in improving the grade of zinc concentrate.

Rotary dryer

Fodamon rotary drum dryer

Since the sphalerite slurry after flotation contains a certain amount of water, it needs to be dried by a dryer. Our rotary dryer not only has the advantages of a lightweight structure, high degree of automation, simple operation, and easy maintenance, but it also boasts high drying efficiency, high output, flexible adaptability, and other superior performance advantages, making it a market leader.

Sphalerite crushing and beneficiation process:

First, the mined sphalerite ore is crushed into particles of a certain size by a jaw crusher and then sent to a ball mill for grinding treatment. The ground sphalerite is classified by a spiral classifier to separate qualified sphalerite mineral material, which is then sent to the flotation machine for processing. At this stage, the corresponding flotation agent is added, and the resulting flotation concentrate is stored in a finished product silo.

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