What is the role of crushing in the beneficiation process?

The crushing of ore requires the use of an ore crusher, which is a process in which large pieces of ore or ore to be processed are crushed by overcoming the force between the inner parts with the help of external force, so that the particle size of the ore is gradually reduced. In the process of beneficiation, ore crushing is usually divided into two stages: crushing (coarse-grained stage) and grinding (fine-grained stage).

In the ore processing plant, the crushing of ore is an indispensable material preparation stage before the sorting operation. First of all, most of the ores processed by the beneficiation plant are closely connected with minerals and gangue minerals, and they are often fine-grained or even fine-grained. Only by crushing them and fully dissociating them can they be enriched by the existing physical beneficiation methods. Secondly, all physical beneficiation methods are limited by the particle size, which is too coarse (useful minerals and gangues have not been dissociated) or If the particle size is too fine (that is, the fine particles are too pulverized), they cannot be effectively sorted.

Among the various links in the beneficiation plant, ore crushing is the most expensive process, and it is an important part of the investment and production costs of the beneficiation plant. Therefore, the basic task of the ore crushing operation is to provide suitable materials for the sorting operation. The quality of the crushing process will directly affect the technical and economic indicators of the beneficiation.

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