How Much is a Cobblestone Double Roller Crusher with an Output of 50 TPH?

As a kind of pure natural stone, cobblestone is hard in quality, bright and simple in color, and has the characteristics of being compressive, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant natural stone. It is an ideal green building material. The cobblestone double roller crusher is a machine used for crushing cobblestones and making sand. In this article, I will introduce the effect of the sand making machine on the roller sand making machine.

The sand making particle size is uniform and the compressive strength is high. Compared with natural sand and the sand produced by hammer crushing, it meets the requirements of high-standard construction sand. It can be used for river pebbles, calcite, quartz, glass, marble, cobblestone, bentonite, iron ore, bluestone, rock, water slag, limestone, weathered sand, diabase, granite, basalt, and other materials for sand making operations.

Cobblestone Double Roller Crusher
Cobblestone Double Roller Crusher

How much is a cobblestone double roller crusher with an output of 50 tph?

It is important to know that the price of cobblestone double roller crusher is not static in the market because many factors can affect its price, such as the quality of equipment, production cost, technology content, production capacity, and other factors. Additionally, there are many manufacturers of cobblestone sand making machines, and different manufacturers have different quotations for the cobblestone sand making machine. Generally, the price of the large and medium-sized cobblestone sand making machine is around hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands. As for the specific price, users can consult the manufacturer to obtain detailed equipment quotation information.

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