What Is the Yield and Price of Glass Bottle Crusher?

The glass bottle crusher, as its name implies, is a crushing equipment for crushing glass bottles. Here is the crushing effect of the double roll crusher, which is mainly composed of a motor, two sets of toothed rollers, a toothed roller box, a spring buffer device, the frame, and other parts. It is composed of various tooth shapes, and the broken materials are more diversified. They are suitable for the crushing of brittle materials and soft materials below medium hardness, such as coal, coal gangue, coke, glass bottles, calcium oxide, calcite, quartz, marble, cement, silicate, glass, ceramics, and other industries.

Glass bottle crusher

Capacity of Glass Bottle Double Roll Crusher

The model of the glass bottle crusher can be divided into large, medium, and small. Here is the small liquor bottle crusher. The hourly output of the small glass bottle crusher is generally about 7-60 tons. There are three models to choose from: 2PGC400×250, 2PGC400×400, 2PGC450×500.

  • 2PGC400×250, feed size 80-100mm, output size 10-50mm, production capacity 7-15t/h, motor power 5.5×2kW.
  • 2PGC400×400, feed size 180-260mm, output size 10-50mm, production capacity 15-30t/h, motor power 7.5×2kW.
  • 2PGC450×500, feed size 300-500mm, output size 15-100mm, production capacity 30-60t/h, motor power 7.5×2kW.
PGC series of glass double roll crusher

Is the Glass Bottle Crusher Expensive?

Generally, the price of a small glass bottle crusher is around several thousand dollars because there are many factors that affect the price of a glass bottle crusher, such as the quality, model, configuration, manufacturer, etc. So, you need to consult the manufacturer for the specific price. Welcome to contact us.

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