Double roll crusher is suitable for a wide range of stone sand

Whether it is coal or wet material, the double roll crusher can achieve effective crushing. It is suitable for a wide range of raw materials, such as filter cake, mud cake, clay, soil, industrial waste residue, mine tailings, chemical fertilizers and other easily agglomerated materials to disperse and crush.

Double roll crusher is suitable for a wide range of stone sand
Double roll crusher

What are the advantages of the double roll crusher?

1. The roller is the core component of the double roll crusher, and it is also the wearing part that needs to be replaced. However, compared with the frequency of other crushers that need to be replaced within a few days, the wearing parts of the double-toothed roller crusher can be used for 3000 hours The above, that is, basically only need to be replaced once a year or two.

2: The finished product is adjustable. The double-toothed roller crusher can freely control the pressure of the two rollers, so as to control the size of the finished product.

3. It can be applied to more than 200 kinds of materials. Whether it is more material or soft material, whether it is dry material or wet material, the double-tooth roller crusher can complete the crushing operation very well.

We have three major production bases. In addition to double roll crusher and counter-roll crushers, we also provide hammer crushers, dual-shaft crushers, etc., with large scale and fast production speed, all of which are sold directly from the spot and delivered more timely. , There is no intermediate link cost, and the price is more favorable.

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