How much is a double roll crusher that turns stones into sand?

Nowadays, most of the sand on the market is machine-made sand. Machine-made sand is the sand obtained by crushing stones. Its mining is easy to be unrestricted, the cost is low, the quality of the finished product is good, the selling price is high, and the sales volume is good. Therefore, a lot of people invest in stone powder sand project. If you want to grind the stone into sand, first of all, you must choose a suitable sand making machine. Today, the equipment we recommend to our customers is a roller crusher. Next, let’s introduce it in detail.

What machine is used to turn stones into sand?

Roller crushers are often used as important stone processing equipment in various small and medium-sized gravel plants. They can crush various stones with compressive strength less than 160 MPa. They are used in coal crushing, construction material production, refractory material processing, metal Industry fields such as smelting and cement preparation have been extensively studied.

How much is a double roll crusher that turns stones into sand?
Double roll crusher

The double roll crusher mainly relies on the squeezing force of the counter-rotating grinding rollers to successfully crush the stone, and the wedge block set between the two rollers can adjust the output particle size of the counter-roller. The operator only needs to adjust the bolts above the wedge block. Pulling up or pulling down can be successful, which greatly facilitates the operation steps of on-site personnel and also improves the quality of the product.

What is the principle of making sand from stones?

The double roll crusher is composed of two squeezing rollers that rotate in opposite directions, one is a fixed roller and the other is a movable roller; the material is fed from above the two rollers, and the squeeze roller is continuously carried between the rollers, subject to a high pressure of 50-200MPa After the action, the material is discharged from the machine with the ideal particle size; the material starts to be bitten by the roller surface, and the force of the roller gradually increases. The discharged material, except for a certain proportion of powdered material, is generated inside the rest of the granular material. A large number of cracks can greatly reduce the energy consumption of grinding during the further crushing process.

How much is a double roll crusher that turns stones into sand?
Roller crusher

How much is a machine that turns stones into sand?

Because the price of the double roll crusher in the market is an indeterminate value, in addition to the quality of its equipment, changes in any factors such as the manufacturer, selection, and technical content of the equipment, and even the amount of equipment supplied in the market, will change. It poses certain restrictions, so you want to know how much a machine that turns stones into sand on a clear market? It is recommended that users also need to consult the specific roller crusher manufacturer in detail.

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