Dolomite Double Roll Crusher: Unmatched Fine Crushing for High-Performance Operations

The dolomite double roll crusher is mainly suitable for fine crushing operations with a feed size of less than 40mm and a finished product size of 0-10mm. Its fine crushing effect is unmatched by any other crusher. After numerous transformations and technological innovations, the roller sand making machine has a finer crushing particle size, larger processing capacity, simple operation, wide application range, long service life, adjustable discharge particle size, and has consistently won customers’ recognition and favor.

The difference between the 2PG double roll crusher and the double-toothed roller crusher is that the roller surface is smooth and has no teeth. It is suitable for fine crushing operations in industrial sectors such as coal, mineral processing, sintering, cement, chemicals, refractories, silicates, glass, abrasives, ceramics, building materials, etc. It is suitable for various medium and high hardness (160Mpa) ores and rocks, especially in the production and application of the construction industry using small stones such as guar stone and peas, it has an incomparable crushing effect than ordinary crushing equipment.

Double roll crusher

Components of the dolomite double roll crusher:

  • This series of roller crushers is mainly composed of rollers, roller support bearings, compression and adjustment devices, and driving devices.
  • Adjustment of the discharge particle size: A screw limit adjustment device is installed between the two rollers, and the working gap between the two rollers is adjusted by a hydraulic cylinder and a screw. The larger the working gap, the larger the discharge particle size. The smaller the working gap, the smaller the discharge particle size.
  • The driving mechanism is driven by two motors through a drive shaft or a V-belt to drive the rollers on the sheaves and rotate in relative directions. When crushing the material, the material passes through the roller from the feed port and is crushed by rolling, and the crushed product is discharged from the bottom of the chassis.
  • In order to prevent danger, the transmission part should be installed with a protective cover according to the actual situation.
White double roll crusher

Working principle of the dolomite double roll crusher:

When the material enters the crushing cavity of the machine, the material is subjected to the biting force of the rotating roller, so that the material is forced to pass between the two rollers. At the same time, it is squeezed and sheared by the roller. Small particles follow the tangent line of the rotation of the rollers, pass through the gap between the two rollers, and are thrown below the machine. The large particles that exceed the gap will continue to be broken into small particles and discharged.

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