Capital Pebbles Double Roll Crusher for Pebbles Sand Making

Pebbles and river pebbles are very common stones in our lives, but they will become pebbles and river pebbles after being processed by the doulbe roll crusher by the pebbles and river pebbles. Cobblestones and river pebbles are processed by pebbles and river pebbles on doulbe roll crusher . The finished sand is very popular in all walks of life. It is used for road construction, bridge construction, concrete aggregates and so on.

Applicable materials for doulbe roll crusher

The double roll crusher is suitable for medium and fine crushed sand with a feed size of less than 150mm and a finished product size of 100 mesh to 8mm, such as river pebbles, calcite, quartz, glass, marble, pebbles, bentonite, iron ore, bluestone, rock Crushing of limestone, weathered sand, gravel, diabase, granite, basalt and other materials to make sand.

pebbles double roll crusher
pebbles double roll crusher

The pebbles roller sand making machine can also be called the double roll crusher, pebbles sand making machine, a crusher equipment that has been used for more than 100 years. Its important sand making parts are made up of 2 rollers.

Why choose pebbles double roll crusher?

  1. The double roll crusher is better than the hammer type sand making machine, and there is no need to replace the wearing parts.
  2. The sand has full grain shape, reasonable gradation, low over-crushing rate and high output.
  3. Compared with the hammer crusher and the impact crusher, the double roll crusher has a huge advantage, and the average service life of the roller sleeve is more than 2 years.
  4. It has small size, less area, less pollution, low noise, more efficient and easy to operate
Double roll crusher

Model and capacity of pebbles double roll crusher

  1. Small-sized, 250×250, 400×250, 400×400, 610×400, with an hourly output of about 2-12 tons, belong to the small-sized pebbles double roll crusher.
  2. Medium-sized, 610×400, 750×500, 800×600, 800×800, 1000×800, with an hourly output of 5-50 tons, belonging to the medium-sized pebbles crushers.
  3. Large-scale, 1200×800, 1200×1000, 1500×800, 1500×1000, 1500×1200, 1800×1200, 2000×1000 and above, with an hourly output of 50-400 tons, belong to the large-scale double roll crusher.

Can the sand produced by the pebbles and cobblestone double roll crusher be used?

The sand made from pebbles has good strength and color and is almost the same as natural sand. The discharge granularity of the river pebble pair-roller sand making machine can be adjusted at will, the grain size is uniform, and the production capacity is large. The running performance is stable and reliable, and the structure is simple. The sand produced is clean and free of impurities, so we can use it with confidence.

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