Efficient Granite Crusher for High-Quality Stone Production

Granite crusher refers to the general name of a series of equipment that can crush granite. In fact, a variety of crushers can crush granite. This article is mainly used to introduce which granite crusher is suitable for you and the configuration of the granite production line.

What is granite?

Granite is classified as a kind of magmatic rock, because granite is a deep rock formed by the gradual cooling of magma deep in the earth’s crust. It is named granite because its mineral particles are clearly visible. It has high hardness, strong durability, and bright color, so it is often used as a building material in daily life or as a raw material for decorations.

Granite is a hard crushed stone with the same Mohs hardness as basalt. The current crushing principle basically uses the aggregation of external forces to break the condensation of internal molecules, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing. Therefore, the strength of the crushing equipment must not be lower than the hardness of the granite in order to quickly crush it. Granite is a mineral with angular and hard texture. In the process of vigorously crushing, the crushing equipment will withstand the double damage of the overspeed attack of the crushed stone and the high abrasion of the rough stone. Therefore, the related crushing equipment must have extraordinary Wear resistance.

Granite vibrating screen

4 Types granite crusher

Considering the particularity of granite, there are four types of equipment commonly used for crushing granite. Jaw crushers, cone crushers, heavy hammer crushers and impact crushers.

Jaw crusher is a classic crushing equipment. It has always been named after “high crushing strength” and “high crushing ratio” in the market. It has deep cavity crushing, guaranteed jaw structure, and a very high rate of crushing hard materials such as granite. At the same time, the unique flywheel design ensures its safe operation.

In terms of strength, the cone crusher can fully meet the crushing standards and output standards of granite. In addition, the cone crusher has a very comprehensive protection of the equipment itself. The thin oil lubrication system to protect the bearing and the automatic control system to prevent accidents will The damage level of granite to equipment has been reduced.

granite crusher
granite crusher

More foreign customers purchase granite crushing equipment with an output of 300 tons per hour.

The following recommends four granite crushing production lines 300 t/h.

Solution 1: Vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, PF1315 impact crushers(2), belt conveyor (several);
Solution 2: Vibrating feeder, PE900*1200 jaw crusher, PF1520 impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor (several);
Solution 3: Vibrating feeder, PCZ heavy hammer crusher, 3YK3072 vibrating screen, belt conveyor (several).
Solution 4: Vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor (several).

Granite sand making machine
Granite sand making machine

The four schemes are for reference only. Which scheme the user chooses still needs to communicate with our engineers to determine. Of course, there is also a mobile granite production line. For details, please click the link mobile crushing plant.

If you still need sand making needs, we can configure sand making machines for you on the basis of the above scheme to meet the needs of a variety of finished materials. The above production line can not only be used for crushing granite and making sand, but also suitable for crushing and making various kinds of stones, such as limestone, gravel, marble, rock, iron ore, etc.

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