How Much Is the Integrated Mobile Sand Crusher?

Why Do We Choose the Integrated Mobile Sand Crusher?

  • Save on infrastructure and quickly get to work: The mobile gravel crushing plant eliminates the need for piles, saves time and money, and can be quickly moved to any location.
  • Free to transfer, no need to transport raw materials: By processing more dispersed raw materials, a large amount of transportation and time costs can be saved, making it convenient and fast.
  • Compact body, small footprint, and free to telescope for work: The conveyor belt and vibrating screen mounted on the equipment can be “shrunk” into the fuselage to save space.
  • Multiple models and specifications with flexible combinations: The mobile sand crusher is equipped with a crusher, screening machine, and other equipment, and can be customized based on user demands.
  • Vehicle-mounted integrated power unit to ensure production.
  • PLC control system for remote operation: It can realize remote control of startup, process adjustment, shutdown, and other operations, saving labor costs and improving operational income.
Integrated Mobile Sand Crusher
Integrated Mobile Sand Crusher

How Much Is the Integrated Mobile Sand Crusher?

The mobile sand crusher is equivalent to a production line and needs to be configured according to requirements. Of course, there are regular configurations such as jaw + impact type or jaw + cone type, which can cooperate with multiple units or work alone, depending on user demand. The price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. To find out the specific quotation, please consult our technical staff for free. Fodamon has professional engineers who can customize or recommend models for you and provide free quotes!

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