Learn more about PF1214 Impact crusher and get quote from Fodamon

The impact crusher is divided into 7 specifications according to the specifications. The PF-1214 impact crusher is a medium-sized impact crusher with high productivity, perfect configuration and compact size. It is a commonly used crusher equipment, with PF The wide application of 1214 impact crusher, The technical parameters and quotation of pf-1214 impact crusher are concerned by users.

Learn more about PF1214 Impact crusher and get quote from Fodamon

一. PF-1214 impact crusher technical parameters

1, Feed port size: PF-1214 impact crusher is a medium-sized impact crusher with a feed port length of 1430mm and a width of 400mm. The PF-1214 impact crusher is equipped with a wear-resistant lining to relieve When the feeding device is worn and the wear is severe, the particle size of the feed will become large, which will affect the crushing effect and aggravate the wear of the whole machine.
2, the maximum feed: PF-1214 impact crusher’s maximum feed size is 350mm, in actual operation, we must strictly follow the specification of the feed size to feed, do not rush to seek.
The impact crusher is commonly found in the secondary crushing stage. The crushing ratio is large, and the particle size of the discharge is cubic particles, which can crush the large ore once to a particle size of 50 mm or less.
3, Output size: pf-1214 impact crusher can process 30-70 tons of ore materials per hour. The production capacity is not fixed.
4, motor power: PF-1214 impact crusher is equipped with energy-saving motor, the power is 132kw, can transmit enough kinetic energy for the impact crusher, no excess energy waste, more energy saving, PF-1214 impact crusher configuration The motor consumes less mechanical and thermal energy during use.

二. Price of PF-1214 impact crusher

The price of PF-1214 impact crusher is affected by the cost of materials, process, technology, labor, sales, etc., and also varies according to the region where the manufacturer is located, because price and labor cost are important factors affecting the price of PF-1214 impact crusher. Also affected by the pricing model of the manufacturer, the purchase of PF-1214 impact crusher, can not blindly pursue low prices, and should not judge the quality by price.

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