How to Express the Specifications of Cone Crusher in China?

Cone crusher has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low power consumption, uniform product size and suitable for crushing hard ore.

The cone crushers currently produced in China are divided into three types: standard type, intermediate type and short head type. The size of the crusher is expressed by the size of the bottom diameter of the moving cone. For example, the φ1750 standard type, the bottom diameter of the moving cone is l750mm.

Cone crusher

The main specifications of the cone crusher:

PYB600 Standard Type; PYD600 Short Head Type; PYB900 Standard Type; PYZ900 Medium Type; P YD900 Short Head Type; PYB1200 Standard Type; PYZl200 Medium Type; PYDl200 Short Head Type; PYBl750 Standard Type; PYZ1750 Medium Type; PYDl750 Short Head Type; PYB 2200 Standard Type ; PYZ2200 medium type; PYD2200 short head type.

Spring cone crusher

What does the letters PYB stand for in cone crusher?

The letter P stands for crusher, Y stands for cone, B stands for standard type, Z stands for medium type, and D stands for short head type.

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