Jaw Crusher Lining Plate: When and How to Replace It?

The fixed lining plate (tooth plate), movable jaw lining plate (tooth plate), and both side lining plates (guard plates) of the jaw crusher are critical components that are prone to wear and tear due to the high-stress environment they are subjected to during the crushing process. Excessive wear and tear of these components can cause the product granularity to become larger, which negatively impacts the overall performance of the crusher.

Body of jaw crusher

To extend the lifespan of the lining plates, it is recommended to conduct regular inspections and maintenance. In the initial stage of wear, the tooth plate can be turned around, or the upper and lower parts can be turned around to distribute the wear evenly. When the wear of the jaw plate reaches 3/5 of the original height, it is advisable to replace the liner with a new one to maintain the efficiency of the crushing process. Similarly, when the liners on both sides wear out by 2/5, new liners should be installed to ensure the optimal performance of the jaw crusher.

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