Quartz sand dressing equipment

Quartz sand is the main raw material of glass. On the one hand, it contains the largest amount of glass. On the other hand, it has a great effect on the production of colorless glass.Therefore, the purity of quartz sand (that is, without contaminated impurities) has a particularly important significance.The content of silica in high grade glass sand is very high, up to 98.5-99.8%.

Quartz sand dressing equipment
Quartz sand dressing equipment


1, the use of computer simulation magnetic circuit design, the distribution of magnetic field is not reasonable, the depth of magnetic penetration is large.
2, The iron remover body is simpler than the electromagnetic iron remover, without excitation power supply or cooling system.
3, energy saving, low failure rate.
4, Simple operation, safe and reliable operation.

Due to the nature of minerals, the best beneficiation process and equipment are determined, and the same minerals in different deposits have large differences in nature. Therefore, it is recommended that the majority of mine operators first conduct mineral and petrochemical analysis and mineral processing tests. Our company has test equipment and magnetic separation. The beneficiation laboratory with complete prototype and common elemental test can carry out the beneficiation test of different magnetic processes for common magnetic minerals.

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