Quartz sand special iron removal machine

Quartz sand iron removal machine is in the premise of ordinary magnetic separation machine, after many tests to successfully develop the magnetic separation equipment, he compared with ordinary magnetic separation machine, the design is more reasonable, separation effect is better, concentrate recovery is higher, quartz sand iron removal machine iron removal effect is good, can significantly improve the whiteness of quartz sand.

Quartz sand special iron removal machine
Quartz sand special iron removal machine

The advantages of quartz sand iron removal machine are as follows:

Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials are used in all magnetic systems, which have the characteristics of high magnetic energy product, strong coercivity and high flux density, and high magnetic induction intensity on the effective separation surface.

Using high-quality magnetic conductive material as magnetic medium and adopting multi-layer induction pole design, it has high gradient and is suitable for magnetic separation of fine and fine minerals.

Full magnetic design, the contact area between the slurry and the effective working surface is large, and the adsorption area is close to 270°, which can prevent the loss of useful minerals of fine-grained grade to the utmost extent.
The brush unloading device can effectively prevent the adsorption of fine-grained weak magnetic minerals in non-working areas.

Because mineral properties determine the best mineral processing process and equipment, and different deposits of the same mineral has a large difference in nature, so it is recommended that the majority of mine operators first ore analysis, mineral processing test, and then according to the calculation of ore selectivity and cost benefits, decide whether to invest, in order to reduce the risk of investment.

Our company is equipped with a mineral processing laboratory with complete test equipment, complete magnetic separation sample machine and capable of conducting common element analysis, which can conduct mineral processing tests of common magnetic minerals in different technological processes.

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